The New Medical City – Lake Nona in Orlando FL

In this post I want to share great information that would help you if you are thinking to invest or move in the area of Lake Nona in Orlando, Fl.
Lake Nona is one of a kind area in Central Florida with more developments in area of Medicine, Technology and Sport. The Location is fantastic because the Orlando International Airport is just a minutes from there, the Central thematic parks and Beach area also a minutes from the location of Lake Nona. Going back to why is excellent for Invest in property right now is because the Grow, development’s and Job opportunities.
The Medical City is a “$7.6 Billion Project economic impact over 10 years”. In the area of education in medicine field offer the New UCF College of Medicine that would help to 7,000 student & educators, is projected the creation of 30,000 jobs, also projected 25,000 residents. Back with information regarding medicine in Lake Nona is created the University of Florida Research & Academic Center that help with vital research, new therapies and cures and the increase of participation on new research. The Nemours Children Hospital which is a world-class pediatric care over 60 acres of health care facility. For our national Veteran’s is the new VA Medical Center, is a $665 Million the Orlando Medical Center would help about 400,000 Veteran’s of Central Florida and would create 3,800 jobs. Other powerful facility is the Sanford- Burnham Medical Research Institute that would create approximated 300 jobs between scientists and other employees, have 5 research rooms for conditions like: Cancer, Diabetic, disease-model phenotyping, generation gene, metabolomics and genomics. Other important aspect of this Fascinating area of Orlando is the big knowledge of the government in the creation of New Technology. Lake Nona is going to be a Interconnected between work, home and Hospital, Lake Nona is Empowering Technology with the company DAIS that brings technology integrated and intuitive for everyday use, saying that would help with jobs creation in technology field. Other Great Company which is in collaboration with Lake Nona is CISCO which going to bring better solution for better care.

Now speaking in living and Lifestyle Lake Nona is a unique area of Beautiful trails and Communities. If your style is Luxury and Golf there is One of the most amazing communities in Central Florida LAKE NONA GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB. Beautiful Luxury residences with a amazing 18 Hole’s Golf Course. Other Incredible Community with different style is Laureate Park with 4 different builders where you can choose your personal style also in the surrounding area are other spectacular communities like: Water Edge, NorthLake Park, Village Walk and just few minutes is developing right now The Enclave of Moss Park.

This is the new future community of Orlando opening doors to; Doctor’s, Medicine Students, Technology and Programmers, Teachers, Scientist, Nurse’s and much other Jobs with the new creation of restaurants, hotel and more.

I hope that you enjoy this great information and Call me right now if you want schedule a tour for the area and if you going to need a RELOCATION PACKAGE send me an email to:

Medical City Flyer

reference source: retrieved 08/03/2014 Lake Nona Magazine,


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