About Me “Life Change”

I remember the time where for you to let know the world that you are alive  and count on this planet was via TV (which means only actors, model, presidents… And famous.) For that time if you wanted to communicate it was writing a letter that maybe would never arrive to the destination. To speak to someone using the phone you would have to push or roll the numbers seven time and be next to the wall, and what about mobile? Oh yes! It was using street paid phone that everybody used with a bad smell and never cleaned. Time changed big time, and my life change with the time. I was born in Puerto Rico with a brother and a sister, my mom and dad were divorced. When I finish my high school I was fifteen years old, from there I was motivated to study engineering, but was only short period of time because the education was too expensive. I started working on restaurants, college, and travel agent after I enroll in a college for getting education on Tourism and Travel, at that time people flying around the world after purchasing the tickets with their personal travel agent, now is easy to buy online. Continuing my life always thinking to be and feel better and in a growth mode. After years, I got married and my life changed again, because after having my first girl I decided to go back to get educated, but now my option was online because I dont have the time to go to the university. My career education start in a BA of Information a Technology and Computer program. Wow! Was incredible because now I will have the opportunity to be educated and be a mom at the same time. I was projected to do it in 4 years, but remember “life change”, six years past from my first girl and we received our new baby, my education was on hold one more time, because was a medical challenge the process to have my baby. Finally arrived very well!, but now one more change in my life, we had to move out of PR thinking if it’s possible that our girls learn another language and have better education, so we move to Florida, Nice weather, beautiful communities, OMG! The school are amazing with beautiful classrooms and full of new technology, I LOVE IT!  So what I going to do now on a new country with another language, not knowing anybody just my sister and the Real Estate Agents who help me to purchase a home, guess what? I went to study Real Estate. And here iam. I’m a real estate agent for many years working for the same firm Luxury Realty. I been working everyday since I started and do you remember when the using market crash…, I never stop. I work more harder, but no money!  Very difficult economic situation. So did you remember that I put on hold my education right after I got pregnant of my second baby, guess what… Iam back to finish my BA in Information technology, because I do real estate which involve a lot of law practice I added to my BA interdisciplinary in Paralegals, now Im going to be more prepared and if the market crash again I can find another making living by be more stronger educated, kids grow up, more prepared. 

I been working in Central Florida for years helping my buyers to find their dream home and helping sellers to solved their problems. Florida give me the opportunity to grow and learn plus the opportunity to be a mom but at the same time be a business woman, because be an independent agent make you a business person where you need to set your own goals, time and effort to make it happen the business or the career. Even I dont have the time to work 8 hours a day in continuing process because I need to lapse few hours to pick up my girls from school everyday, I feel glad that I can be a business woman and a mom at the same time, and I ‘m teaching my girls the same: be strong, determinated, educated, hard worker and a lovely mom all in one. I hope they get it and repeat the story of never quitting. I was last year The Top Agent for the firm that I represent and I ‘m now only 8 class to finish my degree. I wake up at 4:50am every morning to start my day and I end around 11:30pm  when I finish my online education.

Now I’m sharing to the world what I doing using the www, no more letters and I can speak with my clients mobile and with the opportunity of looking them face-to- face using my phone no matter where they are.

That what I said “Life Change”!


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